We grow with the demands of our partners-

RGI RealGround Immobilien GmbH

RGI RealGround Immobilien GmbH is engaged in the purchase, sale and rent of real estate objects of all kinds. These include in particular the rental of furnished houses and apartments in the private as commercial area, as well as the mediation of such transactions. We advise and offer versatile services in the overall area of real estate. Whether arrival and sales, marketing or arrival and rental – RGI Immobilien GmbH places great importance, professional and competent to advise its customers and business partners or to accompany.

We work closely in cooperation with the planning Office designPlan and IF Berlin Bau GmbH (Office Community). As a result, we offer further services related to the real estate.

Not until today, real estate is an investment in the future. Our concept is located therein, sustainably, to develop viable projects and ideas.

Berlin is gaining in value and importance as a real estate site. We are focused on the location in Berlin as a real estate company and act as investor/buyer.

Our Office is located in the heart of Berlin. Interest or individual requests you contact with us together.