Restaurant Alverdes

Restaurant Alverdes in the small Tiergarten

Stromstra├če 10 B – 10559 Berlin

The small Tiergarten / Otto Park was only very limited usable before its redesign in broad areas for a most of the inhabitants of Moabits.

Meanwhile, the small Zoo is almost fully prepared and attracts more and more park guests. The renovation and remodeling of the restaurant is to the next step. Construction work is started in the March 2017 and expected will be end of 2017 the opening of the “restaurant Alverdes”.

The RGI RealGround Immobilien GmbH has accompanied the client in the development of the project, as well as in the promotion of the project.

In the course of the redesign of the small Tiergarten, the inventory building in the Arial of the small Tiergarten should be expanded and redesigned by cultivation. The use of the building should be preserved after enlargement and expanded with a new concept.

Public toilets will be occasion in the context of enlargement in addition to the magnification of the current restaurant.